Formerly an Assistant Producer/Journalist working in factual television, now working within the charity sector.

Currently, this blog features archived content, mostly related to my experiences in Egypt in 2012.

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  1. Después de leer tu relato autobiográfico sobre tu violación tengo más ganas que nunca de intentar cambiar lo que pueda con mis pequeñas colaboraciones. Debería mandarte fuerza y ánimo pero has cabado dándomelo tú. Enhorabuenaaa!!! Debes ser una íncreible persona y por lo que he leído, una gran profesional. Tú sí que estás cambiando el mundo. No cambiees!!

  2. Hi Natasha, I read your story with total amazment. How can anyone treat others this way.
    I hope you get better and can recover from this, I wish you all the best.
    Those people that did that to you are nothing but animals.

  3. ure such a brave girl indeed. the show much go on. your sentence..i hope so for years and years and years to come. bless ya.

  4. Natasha,
    I am sorry for the way we can now express our opinions online without fear of consequence. I have been appalled at some of the comments aimed at you. You are a journalist who observes without judgement. I wish I could say the same for your readers and critics.
    Good luck,

  5. I am so sorry for you. So why did you go to this dangerous place?
    so you went to write about women rights there? why egypt? why not usa, eastern europe and generally the west itself? of course the same thing could happen to you in other places too. Women have all the rights in the west? why do you westerners think you have all the best things? why do you think you can only have blonde hairs? why do you think you are happier than all the others? why do you think you are the Best? west has no religion, westerners are not christians. west is atheist. if you think of yourslef as a christian, you are not a westerner. you just live in the west, like me (was forced to). But i am a muslim. And remeber: dont try to get famous by this horrible event. Allah saved you not any1else. So remeber, Any horrible event can happen again, and only Allah can save you again. So its up to yourself to chose the right way in your life, which is Islam. so sorry again, and Allah bless you

    • An appalling, but entirely (and sadly) typical, comment from a member of The Religion of Peace and Tolerance. Someone who chooses to live in our land and yet clearly hates us. A man who has no knowledge of Western culture and religion. Someone who believes Baywatch is an accurate reflection of Western life. Do you realise more new books are published in Spain every year than in the whole of the Arab world combined? Pathetic. And Islam being the right way in anyone’s life? No sane, rational, educated and mature human being chooses to be a Muslim. Just check out any converts to Islam – they’ve always got deep seated personal or psychological issues that need professional assistance. They deserve pity and help.

      • They’ve had enough help from the West. And I reserve my pity for poor girls like Natasha Smith. Not asshole islamofascists like Mohsen.

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  7. Natasha,

    As a young journalist, you are an inspiration to those of us seeking to tell stories to the world.

    I am saddened to hear of your horrible experience in Cairo, but am so proud to read of your positivity for the future and how driven you are to continue your work.

    Your blog has gone so far already to show the world that bad things happen everyday and we simply are not aware of them, but that does not mean we should label an entire country or race as the same. Your ability to see this is truly a credit to your strength as a woman.

    Please take care of yourself and get in touch if I can ever help you with anything.

    Kindest thoughts,

    Alexandria Utting (@alexutting – twitter).

  8. Your experience is horrific and shocking- tantamount to rape; I hope you get some good support and help to deal with it on all levels. Have visited Egypt several times and experienced passive- aggressive male hostility, but this is new level of sexual abuse against foreign women. Hope you can manage, somehow, to make your documentary and also get maximum publicity for what happened to you, to reveal to the world the level of sheer barbarity at which these Moslem men operate, with the blessing of their religion and politics.

  9. Dear Natasha, I read your story with growing horror, and ended full of admiration for your determination to carry on regardless. That your friend Callum managed to stay near you for the whole horrific experience must have been life-saving. I’ve spent much of my career with NBC in this region and have rarely heard such honesty. Young people often ask me about career choices, how to achieve them and especially, when and where. I shall use your blog, if I may, as a warning, but also as an inspiration. You may have some nightmares and PTS ahad of you but always seek help and the best help of all comes from family and friends. I’m thinking of you. My email is martin.fletcher@nbcuni.com if I can ever be of any help

  10. God Bless you Natasha. My heart was saddened by your story. Sharia allows this type of thing, I hope you write about that. Unfortunately, your story is all to common. You are a brave woman and I wish you only the best.

  11. May you forget it as a nightmare. May God help you recover soon and keep you busy with other good things in life. Good times come to you. God bless you.

  12. Dear Natasha: I’m horrified to hear of your terrible ordeal in Cairo. I am a writer and journalist who has lived in Cairo for 23 years. Of course, we all fear this happening to us. Thank you for being so brave and posting your experience. As I said in my Facebook share of your post, this is not harassment, it is violent sexual abuse, practically rape, and if the country doesn’t stop it, some young woman will eventually be killed. I hate it and hate the very thought of what you had to go through. I hope you eventually recover from this and eventually come back to Egypt.

    On a practical level, can you tell us—I’ll share it—exactly where your attack happened and when. You mentioned Qasr el Nil Bridge and you mentioned at night. more details would be helpful to try and protect other women from this.

    Thank you and we’re praying for you!

    Sarah Gauch

  13. Ms. Smith, I am profoundly horrified and saddened by what happened to you in Cairo, and I am stunned by your determination and resilience. Your experience sounds exactly like that of Lara Logan from CBS in the US:


    Perhaps she would be interested to hear from you and perhaps help with your documentary? I look forward to seeing the finished project. Good luck and thank you for your work.

  14. Natasha, I am writing my comment here because your post has turned into a bunfight and I don’t want to be a part of it. I am so sorry to hear what has happened to you, and wish you all the best. Take it easy. I wish I had something more profound to write, other than I believe you x

  15. Plz, free invitation for u and ur team with my family members,if u ever been in Cairo Mobile No.01004740080.L cannt find words to say sorry, i know its not enough at all but that what i can offer to you. DR.Mohammed Soudy

  16. hello,i am a student journalist myself from Accra,Ghana and i am interested in working with you as a team to tell stories about certain bad stuff on humanity and ensure the right thing is done.I am also more into current affairs,politics and business and i currently a news media using social media,twitter to be specific check me out @ http://www.twitter.com/24reporters.

  17. Hi Natasha, I’ve just looked at your blog for the very first time and am suitably impressed! I’ml looking forward to receiving your e-mail updates.

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