Media Archive

This page contains content produced as part of an MA in International Journalism.

TV packages scripted, shot, and edited during postgraduate study at Falmouth University.

The role of Libya’s oil reserves in shaping it’s post-Gaddafi future.

Facebook’s usage of users’ personal details, which it sells on to many advertising firms.

Bornean orang-utans: an increasingly endangered species.

Benetton’s ad campaign for 2011, which kicked up a media storm by featuring world leaders (including the Pope and Barack Obama) kissing in a bid to fight intolerance and hatred worldwide.


Radio broadcasts produced during postgraduate study at Falmouth University

Wessex FM

(5 April 2012) Nearly 50 firefighters are battling thick black smoke after a large fire at Granby Industrial Estate.

Six fire engines, two water carriers and an aerial ladder platform arrived at around 3.45pm to extinguish a large property blaze, according to a statement from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.

The blaze engulfed two units – Baby & Me and JMK Auto Repairs – but fire services managed to stop it spreading further.

Head of Fire Safety Craig Baker says crews reacted quickly.

He explains the cause of the fire is being looked into.

NGOs & International Relations

An extended radio package on the role of NGOs in reducing tensions between nations and helping maintain stable international relations. I’ve used the current nuclear tensions between Iran and America and the Arab Spring as platforms for discussion of what part NGOs can play in such situations.

Featuring in the piece is Jamal Abdi, policy director for the National Iranian-American Council; Casper Wuite, elections observer for the National Demcratic Institute; and Stan Bojnansky, President of the Model United Nations society at University College Falmouth.

£700,000 bursary for Cornish students

Here’s a mini package produced within one hour on Cornwall Council’s decision to offer a £700,000 bursary to Cornish students going into further education. It’s to replace the EMA, which the coalition government scrapped last year.

UCF news bulletin

Here is my third news bulletin, recorded and broadcast at University College Falmouth.

PIP scandal

The owner of notorious breast implant firm PIP has been charged with unintentional harming. Jean-Claude Mas, founder of French company Poly Implant Prothese, has been at the centre of a Europe-wide scandal over the risks of rupture in implants sold to up to 400,000 women. Natasha Smith investigates.

Journalists in Russia

A package on the challenges facing journalists in Russia, and the continuing threat to the lives of those reporting critically about regional authorities across the country.

Arctic Home Project

Coca Cola have teamed up with WWF in a new campaign to save Arctic polar bears, who are facing the biggest ever threat to their survival.

The Arctic Home Project will offer the endangered species a new home in a protected area north of Canada, where the ice is least likely to melt and they can be monitored and looked after.

UCF news bulletin

My second attempt at presenting a news bulletin for University College Falmouth. Please note the audio begins 33 seconds in.

UCF news bulletin

My first radio news bulletin, broadcast at University College Falmouth. Please skip the initial 20 seconds of silence.

Rio+20 Earth Summit

Professor of Environmental Change at the University of Exeter Chris Caseldine spoke with me about David Cameron’s decision not to attend next year’s Rio+20Earth summit – a major discussion between world leaders of new ways to tackle climate change. His reasoning is that it will clash with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, despite the fact that the Jubilee celebrations finish before the summit ends.

His decision goes against the advice of many MPs and the Environmental Audit Committee, along with a variety of green groups keen to see greater commitment from the government to existing climate change goals.

Extended interview:

Shorter interview:


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