my biggest shock in tahrir square

One of the wonderful women who helped me last Sunday has given her eyewitness account on her blog. I owe her my life.

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I am a revolutionary and like all revolutionaries i spend most of my time in tahrir square and from couple of days we had a really important event wich was the first civilian prisident to be elected which was muhammed morsi all people went to the squar celebrating this fantastic event iwas really happy that day but i felt like there is something wrong will happen.time passed as people celebrating and singing .i went to a tent which belongs to the people who want the islamic rule (salafies) i sat there for a couple of hours i had my mother ,twin sister,young brother we all sat there . this tent was full of salafi men there were no women except for me my sis. and mom . it was alishaa prayer time so the men had to pray . while they were praying three women who wear wearing niqab came…

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24 thoughts on “my biggest shock in tahrir square

  1. Thank God for brave men and women. It can be very annoying that where you have great people fighting for a good cause,you would find a few bad eggs just out to rubbish all the effort. Kudos to natasha though for her fair reportage, even in the midst of her pain and the boldness to speak out against such inhumane acts. I hope for the sakes of all good people fighting great causes that this really stops. It’s a total shame to have this take place in such a historical place like Tahrir square.

  2. I’ve encountered this story ant this blog accidently after reading the article in lithuanian newspaper. The story is shocking and unbelievable simply because it seems that human being can never do this, but it’s obvious that even though the belief in human is the one that pulls us out the vigilance is something we should never forget. Always be ready 120 percent.
    Thant you, Natasha, for moving forwards. I’m the one who is in period in hunger of Understanding and Awareness and this story and the reflection you made feeds it.
    And truly big support and belief in your soul strength, in people around you that can help you and the Path (wouldn’t use the word ‘challenge’, it’s more than that) you’ve chosen – to spread Awareness. That’s the core thing the journalists and filmmakers should do in anyway. That’s an idealism that isn’t mostly understood by people (“Go back to Egypt again? What’s going on with her?” – the comments appeared in lithuanian internet newspapers) but it’s just the thing you can’t stop doing and you can’t clearly explain…
    Hold on to yours and take care.
    All the best,
    Irma, Lithuania

  3. Victims of horrific human atrocities do not have to “prove” anything, to anyone. This woman SURVIVED, and clearly is well aware of what she experienced. She isn’t accountable to Kate stranger, who chooses ignorance and judgment. Kate stranger is not a judge, or a jury. In fact, there will be no judge or jury at all, concerning what has happened, BECAUSE THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN IN AMERICA. This is a victim who is forced into a position of victimization, where the country–perhaps with other unrelated wonderful qualities–has chosen to turn a blind eye to instances of violent attacks, on women. The victim isn’t alone, here. Did everyone miss that this has happened to others, as well?? Did everyone miss that Natasha is trying to make a documentary that addresses this social problem? This is someone who is making good of a situation that those who are judging clearly have no awareness about and that most certainly sheds light on what happens when human beings encounter people with a lack of empathy while stepping into an unfamiliar environment ripe with differences that naturally occur, from geographical location to geographical location. Although we cannot generalize and state that all people from a certain area are a certain way (and this is clearly not the case in this situation, as several people did help her…), it’s important to acknowlege that maladaptive behaviors occur largely because they “work”, for someone. This is to say that if there were consequences for bad behavior, it deters people from engaging in that behavior. How women are perceived from geographical area to geographicalhical area is also a factor of interest, as this too can affectr one’s treatment, whe in

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  5. It makes me angry that every time any woman is sexually assaulted the misogynists will come out and publicly insult her, try to cast doubt on her, blame her for the crimes committed against her and optionally tell her it’s a sign to switch to their church.

    As human beings, our first response should always be to support each other. Always.


    No woman who is assaulted should be faced with denial and bullying, but it happens every single time. This must change. It’s intolerable.

    We salute you, Natasha.

  6. Kate, I’m waiting for you to tell me about the evidence that shows natasha is lying. Until you have, stop it, you seem like a sociopath. You seem unable to accept that someone can garner sympathy for being raped. Why? It feels like you believes that women lie about rape all the time, eg that women cannot be trusted when they say they have been raped, which i think is a shameful position.

    Even if you don’t share the same political mindset with natasha (Neither do I) why can’t you just accept her story without judgement. Are you so provoked by that she declares that the rape isn’t islam and isn’t egypt that you have no sympathy for natasha, that you leave every speck of humanity you might have with you at the door.

    If you cannot maintain the proper respect for a rape victim, don’t be surprised if your comments are banned – Natasha certainly has enough trouble without having to deal with people like you. And if you cannot maintain the properrespect, how about just leaving this blog alone.

    Or come up with the evidence of why she wasn’t raped; please. If convincing, I will shut up.

  7. WoW that reminded me of Michael jackson “Thriller” lol

    I really cant blv that any sane person would believe this story!

    Did you really buy this shit! you really believe that exaggerated story that if someone told me it happened in 18th century i would laugh and think of it as a joke!

    Suddenly while she was walking hundreds of men decided to get that chick and gang bang her! after she crossed that line all men became so evil but 5 seconds ago no one even looked at her!

    Well i just laugh when i read her story and i laugh even more when i find others who believe that girl! she need to get her head examined! really did you buy this crap LOL

  8. Agree. She also deleted the comment I left on here. Natasha’s mode of operation now is to try and create the illusion that she has garnered world support, when in fact, she has proven herself to be a fraud, especially the more she “works” at her establishing credibility. She is using weaknesses in Egypt’s culture as a rise to fame. Cheaters never prosper. There is a good reason why that is a cliche.

    • She also deleted my comment!
      She is deleting all the comments she doesnt want the public to see! what a liar she doesnt want the public to know the truth of her fake and exaggerated story! SHAME

  9. “Thriller” was certainly a strong influence but the first line is clearly lifted from the timeless classic:

    In west Philadelphia born and raised.
    On the playground was where I spent most of my days…

    And they say Hollywood doesn’t contribute to societal change.

  10. And she didn’t even bother to leave her blog host when creating this account. So sloppy!
    I did enjoy the human interest details, added to convey authenticity. Like the offering of a candy bar. Someone took a creative writing course.
    Also, this “young, innocent girl” who doesn’t know that allergies don’t go away (cute touch!), calls herself a revolutionary and hangs out in very dangerous places with her female relatives, at night. This level of stupidity seems clearly modeled after Natasha’s own actions.

    • Ok then. What, may is ask, evidence do you have that Natashas account is fake? Please provide it for the world to see so that we can judge who isbeing truthful.

  11. I swear to god this is what i felt as soon as i saw this entry! its so obvious that the whole story is fake and totally made up! Liar!

  12. Well…..actually there should be some reports done by the doctors examined her in Egypt after this attack….so it’s better Natasha to show them to the people and this way no one dares to suspect what you are saying.As in this report they would mention your condition when you went to the hospital,what you have suffered and how you looked like and what marks or injures happened to your body when people attacked you

  13. Dear Miss Smith
    Due to the doubts that have raised, please provide at least 2 egyptian eyewittnesses. Not for us here, but for the egyptian authorithies. you have really impacted the world with your story, and you have put many people under question. So, prove it. I cant imagine CNN reported this based on your boyfriend wittness.
    Just know that if the story be untrue, you will pay for it dearly. There is a price for every lie. The bigger the lie, the more you pay.

  14. Natasha – you asked God to help you and He saved your life and then you dismiss it with arrogance. Yes, He was convicting you of sin, when you thought of the things you have done wrong. He showed you His power, and He now wants you to repent of your sins. Ask Jesus into your heart, and He will reveal Himself to you. There will be a supernatural revelation of who He is for you when you humble yourself, and come Him, thanking Him for sparing your life, and asking Him to forgive your sins. Don’t dismiss this message as you have dismissed His deliverance. Jesus says in the Bible that He is knocking on the door of your heart. To read more about this go to my website at and click on the first message, “What Does it Mean to be Born-again.” Open your heart to hear from Him and you will. I promise that.

  15. Ms Natasha, you are a great young lady. All Egyptians share your bitterness for the sexual harassment you faced at Tahrir Square. On behalf of them I apologies for you and your family. You proved your bravery and professionalism despite the harm inflicted upon you due to that. I expect a prosperous future for you in the media domain.
    Natasha; Go ahead don’t hesitate and complete your documentary about Egypt as whole not only about women abuses. There are a lot of good things to write about in Egypt. In Compliance with Egyptian traditions please get married to your friend and come together and be sure everything will be OK.
    Looking forward to seeing you accompanied by your husband. May our Great Allah bless you. Kind and Warm regards.
    Eng. Kamal Sarhan

    • Ms Smith ,
      Please see the writing on the wall once again before you decide something that endangers your well being.
      “In Compliance with Egyptian traditions please get married to your friend…”
      God bless you.

    • Dear Eng. Kamal Sarhan, I’m sure you meant well (I’m just giving you the benefit of the doubt), but please note that asking any woman to get married before visiting Cairo does not represent “Egyptian Traditions” it represents one of the most disgusting trends that have been imported into Egypt recently. Specifically, remember that this most recent parliament tried to pass laws that would restrict wwomen’s ability to travel. Please remember the outrage that caused. And remember the outrage when it was discovered that some of their draft laws still had wording about that showed they were copied verbatim from Saudi codes. Egypt was never the kind of country to lock up women or prevent them from going out into the world unaccompanied. Simply being unmarried does not make a woman in violation of Egyptian traditions, customs, or even the most conservative standards of decency. Implying that it does is an insult to women, to Egyptians, and to Egypt. If you did not make a mistake in your wording, then you should be ashamed of yourself Eng. Kamal Sarhan, because you definitely make me feel ashamed that you might actually be Egyptian.

      • i just want to say something a married woman had the same accident that natasha had after an hour from natashas accident … marriage dont prevent women from having sexual harrasment .. and its not an egyptian tradition btw

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