my biggest shock in tahrir square

One of the wonderful women who helped me last Sunday has given her eyewitness account on her blog. I owe her my life.

Msfizzy1's Blog

I am a revolutionary and like all revolutionaries i spend most of my time in tahrir square and from couple of days we had a really important event wich was the first civilian prisident to be elected which was muhammed morsi all people went to the squar celebrating this fantastic event iwas really happy that day but i felt like there is something wrong will happen.time passed as people celebrating and singing .i went to a tent which belongs to the people who want the islamic rule (salafies) i sat there for a couple of hours i had my mother ,twin sister,young brother we all sat there . this tent was full of salafi men there were no women except for me my sis. and mom . it was alishaa prayer time so the men had to pray . while they were praying three women who wear wearing niqab came…

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