Gaddafi gone: what next for Libya?

Here’s a very interesting video and some other interesting links regarding the legacy of Muammar Gaddafi, shot dead this afternoon by NTC forces.

There are also some interesting links elaborating on his political career, spanning over 40 years. I’ve only just seen this BBC biography, first posted in August – I’m surprised by just how unashamedly damning an account it is. Though perhaps it’s inevitable given Britain’s commitment to fighting against him; a skeptical mind would question the extent to which the BBC’s coverage here is designed to support government interests.

As I have previously mentioned in earlier posts, I remain apprehensive about the future of Libya. So many different groups and factions feel they have earnt a stake in Libya’s future governance; how easy will it be to appease such diverse and often conflicting interests?

What do you think? Does Gaddafi’s death represent the dawn of a wonderful new era for Libya? Please leave your responses below – all feedback appreciated.

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